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HIUV Showcased at SNEC, Unveiling Multiple Heavyweight New Products.

The 16th International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Conference was held at the Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Centre from May 24th to 26th, 2023.


At the exhibition, HIUV's booth attracted a lot of attention and received high praise. HIUV's photovoltaic film occupies an important position in the field of materials for photovoltaic module packaging. With the rapid development and popularization of renewable energy, HIUV's product solutions can meet market demands and have been highly recognized by industry insiders.


This year, HIUV exhibited a variety of important photovoltaic module packaging film products, with the main product being:


  1. White EVA-S201W: designed and developed specifically to improve the power of modules. This product can be used as the lower layer (back of the cell) film in module lamination, and its effect is to increase the power of the module. Every 60 modules can increase the power by 1.5 to 3.5 watts. The high reflectivity and surface roughness of the film are beneficial for increasing diffuse reflection. In addition, the white EVA laminate has the characteristics of no layering, no overflow, no bubbles, no series and parallel connection, and no spacing change, and its anti-aging ability is also very strong.

  2. EVA-S201MT2 (C): A UV light-converting film suitable for photovoltaic module packaging that requires UV light conversion. This product can convert UV light into other spectra, reducing light loss, and has excellent UV resistance.

  3. Pure POE-P507 (M): A film with high water resistance and PID resistance in photovoltaic module packaging. It can prevent water from entering the module and avoid performance loss caused by PID. The film has a low bubble content and high lamination yield, effectively improving the success rate of module packaging. In addition, P507 (M) has high reliability and low weight, which not only prolongs the service life of the photovoltaic module but also helps reduce transportation and installation costs. Therefore, pure POE-P507 (M) is the ideal packaging material for PERC, n-type, and other high-weatherability photovoltaic modules.

In 2023, as the year of mass delivery of n-type modules, HIUV, as one of the most important and influential packaging material suppliers in the photovoltaic module industry, actively responds to changing market demands by conducting relevant product research and development and reserves. HIUV has launched a variety of new film products, including single-layer POE film, TOPCON-specific EXP film, improved EPE film, TOPCON lower-layer white efficiency-enhancing co-extrusion POE film, high anti-PID single-layer EVA film, and HJT-specific light-converting film, etc. These products will provide the photovoltaic module industry with new ways to reduce costs, improve quality, and increase efficiency.

In the future, HIUV will gradually venture into the automotive, building materials, and consumer goods industries based on the new energy industry. By focusing on the research and development of new and efficient thin film products and exploring new cross-industry development directions, HIUV's mission is to become a global leading producer of polymer thin film products using intelligence and innovation. We will continue to strive for excellence and innovation.

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